The Main Antagonist of Your Organic Gardening Venture

Yes, you are helping nature by doing organic gardening. But nature has a bigger scope than soil, plants, sunlight, water and air. There may be good insects that will be beneficial for your organic garden. But there are certain pests that you have to be vigilant about in order to get rid of them while you still can.

If you are only starting on this hobby or business, however you'd like to put it, you may be wondering about the pests. How are you going to be able to get rid of them without turning to synthetic pesticides. The short and quick answer is that you buy an organic one. There are actually many brands that are available commercially. You just have to ask around what are the types that will work best in your location and with the kinds of greens that you are growing on your garden.

But before you start choosing the right pesticide, you must be fully aware what the problem really is. To do this, you must inspect your garden thoroughly. Take down notes. You can also take pictures if you are not so sure about the kind of pests that are pooling on your garden.

Then you can go to the store and detail to an expert the problems that you are having. This way, you will be given a brand that will best fit and solve the problems that you have on your garden.

The other way that you can do so that you won't have to turn to pesticides, even the organic type, is to do things manually. Yes, this is harder. But just consider this as a challenge that you need to overcome to help yourself become an expert.

If the plants are infested by unnecessary pests, what could be the problem? One root of the problem could be the plants themselves. They may be depressed or stressed. What have you done to them? This type of gardening means that you are to take things personally. You are being one with nature. So this succeed on this, you've got to take things seriously.

What makes a plant depressed? You may not be spending enough time with it. It may sound weird, but talking to your plants or singing to them may help you with the whole process. Throughout your gardening trek, you should be able to familiarize yourself with all the plants in your garden. You have to know how to make your plants healthy, happy and productive.

If you have to pick out the pests manually, then do it. This can be done as long as there are only few that can be found on your garden. You must only resort to the pesticides once the situation becomes uncontrollable.

You can also add some insects and animals that will help you kill the pests. This way, you are still staying in touched with nature and helping in the process of food chain. For example, a lady bug would eat up an aphid banquet. Frogs and lizards can also help you sort your problems with these pests.

Above everything else, whatever problem you may encounter in organic gardening, just think about nature. How are you going to solve things that you will still be able to help nature and be one with it.


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